Our Mission
  • The development of unique automated sales platform (service), which will target to resolve 90% of the existing market issues.

Our Vision
  • We are aiming to create the sales service #1 in the world, which will consider both the major problems of our clients and pay attention to the details that will help to make the work with them more convenient.
    There are possibilities of solving the problems of all the participants of the process: via providing the tools that will operate as a single organism.
    How do we see it? It is an automated service, which connects all the participants and provides an opportunity to exchange information quickly and in a timely manner. We resolve the matters of tracking of the clients’ orders and documentary flows via digitalization of the flow and digital signatures.
How Can Our Service Help ?
  • 1
    Automated platform for selling products and services
  • 2
    Regularly updated database of clientele: logisticians and distributors.
  • 3
    The system of processing orders, production and distribution of required material
  • 4
    Full range of construction materials in a single unified system
  • 5
    A thorough loyalty system for the participants
  • 6
    Possibility of using the service without intermediaries
  • 7
    A convenient marketplace for placing production
  • 8
    The system of ratings and confidence level towards manufacturers and suppliers, product cards
  • 9
    Optimization of marketing expenses and the Sales Department
  • 10
    High-level assessment of producers and distributors during the registration process
  • 11
    An effective and logical solution. Integration with warehouses and logisticians
  • 12
    Optimization of time and expenditures on searching for products and contractors
  • 13
    Tracking of the ordered product on all stages (i.e. you always know where your products is at the moment)
  • 14
    No subscription fee both for customers and suppliers
  • 15
    Elimination of corruption in the Purchase Department via automatization
  • 16
    Timely notification of the users about the major stages
  • 17
    An instrument for enterprise management on the basis of analytics and planning
  • 18
    Help in the development of E-commerce market
  • 19
    Legalization of payments for e-commerce market production
  • 20
    Bridging the “digital gap” because of using new technologies (blockchain)
  • 21
    Transparency in the composition and quality of goods

A client saves time and money, and reduces the risks of bad-quality execution

t $ Risk Zone Factory Distributor Logistics Dealer Logistics Warehouse Customer Costs of the current market system
t $ Risk Zone Factory Logistics Warehouse Customer Costs of the market system suggested by “AIDA” service

3-stage counterparty moderation in the AIDA service

Decentralization in the AIDA service

We are supported :

“KTZ Express” National Company

“Corporation Basis A” Construction Company

“BI Group” Construction Holding Company (with 1.5 billion turnover)

Comparative Table with Existing Digital Platforms

For producers AIDA Profile Internet Shops Amazon AliExpress eBay
Service Fee =1% up to 30% up to 30% up to 8% up to 20%
Access to customers’ contacts for sellers + - - - -
Payments to producers within 2 days once in 2 weeks once in 2 weeks immediately immediately
Self-management of shares, products and prices + - - - -
Availability of warehouse networks + Partially Partially Partially Partially
Optimization of expenses on sales volume and marketing + Partially Partially Partially Partially
Management and planning of production + - - - -
Information on the composition of the material + - - - -

An example of using the blockchain in the AIDA SERVICE

Customer Aida Market Plant Logistics Customer Customer chooses goods on the service Order is accepted. The request was sent to the plant and logistics service Smart contract (cost, term, quality) Preparation of goods (80 AID/ 1% fee) Parcel party: composition, information about parcel, production date, manufacturer, country and city. Smart contract (cost, term, quality) Delivery (20 AID/ 1% fee) Goods estimate. Payment under the contract (100 AID)